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Tianna Fisher was born and raised in Southwest Florida. She has been painting animals for over 20 years, from the most common pets, cats and dogs, to less typical pets like bunnies and chameleons. Her passion and love for her paintings are revealed in her work and the time and concentration dedicated to each painting. Tianna has work exclusively featured in the Guess/Fisher Gallery located in Naples, Florida.

Part of Tianna’s unique paintings includes her background understanding of animal behavior and experience in working as a dog trainer, as well as longtime work with a veterinary clinic. Much of what she knows about animal facial expressions and what they mean are captured in her paintings. She prides herself in capturing the minor details about your pet, which show their unique personality. It is amazing how a few small details can be so important to the overall feeling of a painting.

Her love and joy is to give you something that makes you smile, feel joy, and loving memories of your furry (and even scaly) family members.

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